About Pet buddies pet care

A professionally groomed pet makes a happy, healthy pet. At Pet Buddies Pet Care you can be assured your buddy will receive special treatment. We are a home-based grooming salon. We are fully permitted, licensed and insured. Our services are by appointment only, and we work with one client at a time. This means your pet will be in a home environment, receiving individual attention, always monitored and never caged. By using the most modern techniques in grooming and handling you can feel confident your pet is in a safe loving place.

We promise to work hard every day to make sure Pet Buddies Pet Care provides its customers with the levels of care and support, and can sell the quality products, that we want our own pets to receive.

What our clients say

Pet Grooming Treatment

We only use the best equipment and products to ensure the wellbeing of your pet. Our tables and tubs are stainless steel with fatigue mats for your pets comfort. We believe this is the most sanitary surface available. Our bathing system feels like a calming massage, applying just the right amount of product through the coat down to the skin, breaking through dirt to make your pet feel clean and revitalized. Our shampoos and tools are some of the best in the industry and have been tested by us for their superior quality. .

Our training, dedication and love for animals ensures that your pet will have a unique grooming experience.

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