Pet Massage

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Why Massage?    


Just like people, animals can experience build up of physical and emotional tensions, which make them more susceptible to injury or illness.


For many years people have used massage to relax and relieve pain.  Now our beloved pets can enjoy these same benefits.  Massage hasso many physical and psychological benefits for your pet that you could almost call it an essential of health care, like grooming, feeding and exercise.


Is Massage Different Than Petting?


Yes.  Although petting is relaxing for both you and your pet, it is rubbing not massage.  Massage is soft tissue manipulation by hand or body with the intention of positively affecting the health and well-being of the animal.

How Can Massage Help My Pet?

  • Helps to stimulate and support the immune system

  • Eases mental stress

  • Increases flexibility of joints

  • Helps to promote healing and recovery from surgery

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Strengthens the body by stimulating muscles

Massage Session

Our massage session consists of gate/movement analysis, pet health history in-take form and the massage/bodywork session. 



* 30 minute session - $25                                          


Pampered Pet Massage (Puppy, Adult, Senior)


A technique will be used to balance muscle function and relax the pet.  Gentle strokes will be used to accustom the pet to the touch.


Therapeutic Pet Massage (Puppy, Adult, Senior)


A firm, but soothing massage.  Tone your pet’s body and increase circulation to assist in removing toxins.


Full Body Pet Massage (Puppy, Adult, Senior)


This technique is slow and rhythmic.  The strokes are of even pressure.  Each stroke creates a calming effect. 


Sports Pet Massage (Agility Obedience, Show Dogs, Service Dogs, Working Dogs)


This firm but relaxing massage will boost endurance and performance by warming up the muscle.  Recommended for athletic dogs.


Senior Pet Massage (Senior, Geriatric)


This massage is especially beneficial for pets with arthritis and stiffening muscle joints.  This massage improves circulation, stimulates body warmth and improves muscle tone.


Massage is administered by a caring Certified Professional.


Christine Trinski is certified in Therapeutic Pet Massage, Full Body Relaxation Pet Massage, Sports Pet Massage and Senior Pet Massage by Animal Healing Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida.  She trained under Eve Lucia Boucouvalas, LMT, NCTMB, ESMT and received certification in June 2008.


Most recently Christine has volunteered her healing touch to some of the neediest animals at the SPCA Suncoast in New Port Richey, Florida.  The animals greatly appreciated it.



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